Paid feature

Advanced Charting

Upgrade your charting experience with TradingView Premium powered charts. Your community can enjoy realtime charts, unlock additional tickers, as well as additional indicators and timeframes. Advanced Charting addon is perfect for any serious community or trader who whishes to get a realtime view of the market.

What's included

Live charts via TradingView Premium
Available to all community members
All TradingView Premium listed markets
Additional indicators and chart options

Things to know

Use of slots

Each feature can be purchased in numbers of slots. Each slot can be allocated to a different Discord server or your personal account. When a Discord server is used to fill a slot, all users on that server will be able to use the feature. When a personal account is used to fill a slot, only you will be able to use the feature. You can always change the number of purchased slots or your slot allocation later.You will be charged for all the slots regardless of how many you have filled.

Trial period

  • A free 30-day trial period is available for all users. Functionality is not limited in any way during this period.
  • After the trial, you will be charged the monthly or annual subscription fee depending on your plan unless canceled before the end of the trial period.

Refund policy

Monthly plan renewals can be refunded up to 7 days after the purchase has been made. After that, any refunds will not include the amount proportional to the elapsed fraction of your billing period rounded down to weeks. Annual subscriptions can be refunded in the first 14 days of the renewal, after which you're no longer eligible for a refund.
$25/slot /month