👋 About Us

Like many others, Bitcoin's meteoric rise in 2017 caught our attention and learning of the technology's potential fully captured our imaginations. Our core team members left their previous projects, started researching crypto space, and explored the possibilities of getting involved. The idea for the project came from the frustration with the existing solutions at the time.

🔥 Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the financial tools market by offering compelling features while ensuring easy-to-use functionality. We are focused on giving every trader, developer, and investor on the planet a powerful toolkit that allows them to quickly and efficiently access up-to-date market and trade data. Our core mission is to improve the experience and reduce time wasted on different platforms. We think every person interested in not only the emerging crypto market, but forex and equities markets as well, should have a quick and straightforward way to make the best decision possible while switching between the minimum number of services.

People love Alpha.bot

  • It's the best financial bot for Discord I've seen. I'm seriously impressed.Dr. Steve Brule
    For Your Wealth
  • A fantastic tool for any serious trader. Stay on top of the markets from the convenience of your favorite Discord channel. Great team and great progress.Justin Wise
  • Thanks for the bot, it's really amazing. My community uses it constantly and loves it.pantsme
    Alpha community member
  • This bot is amazing, kudos to the team.FizzyFrys
    Alpha community member

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