The most popular Discord bot for everything finance. is the most popular & easy to use financial data bot on Discord. It's trusted by the largest financial communities out there, and is used in more than 25,000 groups.
On-demand Charts

Comprehensive charting for every user. Right at your fingertips.

  • Diverse market excels as a top-tier Discord bot for TradingView charts and offers advanced crypto users TradingLite support, enabling easy access to customizable charts across multiple asset classes for refined market analysis.
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  • Advanced real-time chartsTransform your community's market analysis with's Advanced Charting, offering real-time data, powerful indicators, and an extensive range of timeframes to elevate your understanding of market trends.
  • Advanced charting add-on

Relay charts with custom indicators and scripts using TradingView Layouts.

Wether you're providing proprietary indicators or sharing your technical analysis, TradingView Layouts are a powerful way to share your charts regardless of how complex they are. The feature provides an on-demand view of your charts and indicators in a beautiful and easy to use format.

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Auto-post data periodically.

Schedule any major commands to run at a specific time or interval. Scheduled posting is a great way to keep your community engaged and up to date on the latest price action, get a periodic overview of the sentiment, or provide a daily recap of the markets.

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Price alerts, right in your community.

Never miss a beat with price alerts for stocks and cryptocurrencies without the need to leave the Discord chat and switch apps. After alerts are triggered, can post a message in your Discord community or send you a notification via a direct message.

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Price satellite bots for your community's sidebar.

Satellites are a great way to provide your community with a quick overview of the price action of a specific asset. They can be configured to show the price of any asset on any exchange, and can be customized to fit your community's style.

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Developers, rejoice!

With webhook relays you can easily integrate with TradingView alerts, or even your own custom scripts. By relaying alerts or requests via, you can easily request charts or pricing data to be posted in your Discord community when a specific event occurs.

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Get prices and asset details quickly and seamlessly.

Always know the price of almost any asset with Alpha. Alpha's price feature is a lightning fast way to reference the price and percent change in price over the past 24 hours of thousands of assets. For times when additional information is needed, the info command helps you get a top down view about a particular stock or cryptocurrency.

Experiment with paper money. Compete against your friends.

With's Paper Trader you can paper trade stocks and cryptocurrencies in your Discord community. Paper Trader lets you simulate buying, selling, and even setting stops using simple commands. Check your balance, and keep a running tally of what you would have made or lost if you took a trade. Your balance is unique to your account and your Discord username, so your Paper Trading account will follow you wherever you go.

Best-in-class order execution client.

A trading client for discretionary traders with a powerful order execution system for Binance. It's built for traders who prefer a keyboard over clicking a mouse. Ichibot is a powerful tool that provides you with the raw building blocks to design any kind of elaborate order you can think of. Think of it like lego for cryptocurrency traders.

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  • It's the best financial bot for Discord I've seen. I'm seriously impressed.Dr. Steve Brule
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  • A fantastic tool for any serious trader. Stay on top of the markets from the convenience of your favorite Discord channel. Great team and great progress.Justin Wise
  • Thanks for the bot, it's really amazing. My community uses it constantly and loves it.pantsme
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  • This bot is amazing, kudos to the team.FizzyFrys
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